Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Building on a foundation of on trust, we strive to grow each day through constant innovation.

Management Policy

  1. 1.We aim to create new value for our customers.
  2. 2.We work to constantly add value to our financial and payment services, and remain aware that the growth and development of the NTT Group is impossible without the society we serve.
  3. 3.We respect independence and creativity, and strive to create the kind of society each employee is proud of and aspires to.

Action Charter

  • 1. Contribution to society
We contribute to the development of an affluent society through our financial and payment services.
  • 2. Our best service
We offer our customers the best possible service by identifying and concentrating wholly on their needs and by ensuring that our services and products are fully explained before a customer commits.
  • 3. Compliance with laws and social norms
We comply with laws of our country and with social norms, striving toward fair, transparent, and liberal business activities. Furthermore, we refuse to deal with any antisocial persons or organizations that threaten the order and security of society, and have no ties with such people whatsoever.
  • 4. Activities based upon high ethical standards
We are aware of our social responsibilities and mission in the public sphere as a member of NTT Group, to conduct ourselves based on high ethical standards.
  • 5. Communication with society
We place importance on communication with everyone around us - from our customers and shareholders to local communities - and endeavor to ensure transparency in our corporate activities.
  • 6. Respect for individuality
We mutually accept the diversity of our individual natures and respect peoples' personalities to improve our creativities and specialties.
  • 7. New efforts and challenges
We value growth, strive for self-improvement each day; and we act on our own initiative and take on challenges without fear of failure.