A Message from the President

Photo : Shozo Ito (President)

Since our establishment in April 1985 as the first company after the privatization of NTT, we, as a financial company in the NTT Group, have grown by providing a total range of financial service businesses, including: the billing business, which handles billing and collection; the billing solution business, which provides cloud-based settlement services; the credit card business; and finance and accounting.

In recent years, with the rapid progress of digitalization due to technological innovation and the global economy undergoing major changes, the roles, expectations, and demands placed on companies are also changing—an example of this is ESG management. In addition, the values and working styles of employees are diversifying, such as increased workforce fluidity and progress in remote work. We have also changed our business areas, such as spinning off our leasing business into NTT TC Leasing, and taking over the accounting business from NTT Business Associe.

Given these times of great change, we have redefined our reason for being and our aspirations, and established a new purpose in the hope that we will continue to contribute to society in a sustainable manner by sharing the same values and conducting our business activities.

"Supporting society and creating a prosperous future with the power of trust"

These words express our desire to broadly support society through the NTT Group's businesses, realize the well-being of our customers and employees and contribute to the sustainability of the earth, powered by trust, which is our strength and which we must continue to uphold in the future.

Driven by this purpose, each and every one of our employees is committed to meeting the challenges of our customers and society in a professional and sincere manner by leveraging our experience and expertise in financial payments and financial services.

As the NTT Group's Comprehensive Payment and Finance Platformer, we will take on the challenge of creating new value, and we look forward to your continued support.

President Shozo Ito