Company Outline

Address Shinagawa Season Terrace, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, JapanMAP
Phone: +81-3-6455-8810
Kanto Local Finance Bureau permit: (12) 00665
Establishment April 11, 1985
Capital 16.77 billion yen
Net sales (consolidated) 453.8billion yen(year ended March,2020)
Operating assets (consolidated) 3876.4billion yen(year ended March,2020)
Number of employees (consolidated) 5,997(as of March,2020)
Main shareholders
Business description
  1. Businesses related to billing and collections for telecommunications services, etc.
  2. Money collection agency, payment agency, and enterprise accounting business agency.
  3. Credit Card Business.
  4. Loan, debt guarantee, undertaking of debt, purchases and sales of various receivables, factoring, and other financial businesses.
  5. Investment in, loans to, debt guarantee for, and management guidance for companies with unlisted stocks.
Board members
President Yoshikiyo Sakai  
Senior Executive Vice President Shozo Ito  
Executive Vice President Takahiro Mitsushima (Executive Manager, Information Systems Department)
Executive Vice President Kiyoshi Harada (Senior Executive Manager, Billing Business Headquarters,Credit Card Business Headquarters)
Senior Vice President Takuo Ise (Executive Manager, Corporate Strategy Planning Department)
Senior Vice President Atsushi Fujiwara (Executive Manager,Finance and Accounting Department)
Senior Vice President Osami awada (Executive Manager, Billing Services Promotion Department, Billing Business Headquarters)
Senior Vice President Satoru ogata (Executive Manager, General Affairs and Personnel Department)
Senior Vice President Tomoo Watanabe (Executive Manager, Billing Solution Department, Billing Business Headquarters)
Senior Vice President Shinya Momose  
Senior Vice President Seiichi Hashimoto  
Corporate Auditor Hiroyuki Kitada  
Corporate Auditor Masashi Kino  
Corporate Auditor Kazuo Shimizuishi