Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Policy

NTT FINANCE will acknowledge the importance of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing (both being collectively referred to as “money laundering”), and establish the following basic policy to take effective measures with our group companies.

1.Management System

NTT FINANCE will be positioning the establishment of anti-money laundering measures as a top management issue and will establish and maintain an effective management system.

2.Assessment of risks and measures to mitigate risks

NTT FINANCE will identify and assess money laundering risks regarding its transactions and take effective measures to mitigate the risks.

3.Customer due diligence

NTT FINANCE will conduct customer due diligence based on related laws and regulations to carry out customer management appropriately and will eliminate customers and transactions related to money laundering.

4.Report of suspicious transactions

NTT FINANCE will promptly report to the authorities “suspicious transactions” detected through customer due diligence, monitoring of transactions, or reports by the sales department.

5.Training of directors and employees

NTT FINANCE will provide its directors and employees training to promote knowledge,understanding and awareness of anti-money laundering.

6.Audit of compliance

NTT FINANCE will audit its compliance with anti-money laundering measures, and endeavor to improve its management system by validating the effectiveness of the audit.