Company History


year month
April 1985 NTT Leasing Co., Ltd established
July 1989 Established NTT Finance Americas Inc. (formerly NTT Leasing (U.S.A.) Inc.)
December 1992 Established NTTL Holdings, Inc.
January 1995 started credit card business
December 1996 Established the Japanese-Chinese joint venture leasing company
Cosmos Posts and Telecommunications International Leasing Co., Ltd
November 1999 Established NTT Leasing Capital (U.S.A.), Inc.
November 2003 First public issue of corporate bonds on the Japanese market
April 2005 Merged with NTT FINANCE Japan Co., Ltd.
June 2006 Started operations of a cash management system (CMS) with the aim of improving capital efficiency within the NTT Group
July Changed the company name to NTT FINANCE CORPORATION
Established Esperance Line S.A. (Boat leasing and operating loan operations)
April 2007 Established NTT Finance Investment, Inc.
Established NTT Finance 2007 L.P.
March 2009 Issued new shares to NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION via third-party allocation
May 2010 Established NTT Finance Asia Limited
January 2012 Established NTT Finance Asset Service, Inc.
July Started billing business
(Started billing and collections operations for telecommunications services, etc. provided by NTT EAST, NTT WEST, NTT Communications and NTT DOCOMO)
First public issue of Euro and U.S. dollar bonds
September Established APRICOT SHIP HOLDING S.A. (Boat leasing business)
October Commenced operations of the global cash management system (Global CMS)
April 2014
October Established ACHERNAR LTD. (aircraft leasing business)
January 2015 Capital investment in V Lease Ltd. (aircraft engine leasing business)
September Optimizing finance operations (financing arrangement and management) of NTT Group
November Established business office for NTT Finance Americas Inc. (formerly NTT Leasing (U.S.A.) Inc.)
March 2017 First to third public issues of corporate bonds representing the NTT Group on the Japanese market
January 2018 Established NTT Finance Germany GmbH
Established NTT Finance Netherlands B.V.
April 2019 Company name of NTT Leasing(U.S.A) Inc. changed to NTT Finance Americas Inc.
Established NTT Finance UK Limited
July 2020 Leasing business, and part of international business, transferred to NTT TC Leasing Co., Ltd.
September NTT acquired additional shares of the Company and transformed it into a wholly-owned subsidiary
July 2021 Launched accounting business (took over business of NTT BUSINESS ASSOCIE Corporation)