An Outline of Group Companies


Name Principal business Investment ratio (%)
NTT Finance Investment, Inc. Asset management and administration for investment funds 100.00
NTT Finance 2007 L.P. Overseas venture capital 100.00
ACHERNAR LTD. Aircraft leasing business 100.00
NTT Finance Asset Service, Inc. Sales, etc. of used assets 70.00
V Lease Ltd. Aircraft engine leasing 50.00
NTT Global Data Centers Corporation Investment and asset-ownership for data centers 10.00


Name Principal business Investment ratio (%)
NTTL Holdings, Inc. Stock holding company in the US 100.00
NTT Finance Americas Inc. Leasing, business loans, bond investing, etc., for the Americas 100.001
NTT Leasing Capital(U.S.A.), Inc. Venture capital for the US and elsewhere 100.001
NTT Leasing Singapore Pte. Ltd. Leasing and aircraft financing, etc. in Singapore and other regions 100.00
NTT Finance Asia Limited Leasing and financing in Hong Kong 100.00
NTT Finance UK Limited Financial Services in Europe and other regions 100.00
NTT Finance Germany GmbH Leasing and financing in Germany 100.00
NTT Finance Netherlands B.V. Leasing and financing in the Netherlands 100.00
APRICOT SHIP HOLDING S.A. Leasing associated with shipping 100.00
Esperance Line S.A. Leasing and business loans associated with shipping 100.00
Page will open in a new window.Cosmos Posts and Telecommunications International Leasing Co., Ltd Leasing and installment sales in China 42.50

1 Investments from NTTL Holdings, Inc.