January. 19, 2015
Development Bank of Japan Inc.
NTT Finance Corporation
Development Bank of Japan Inc. and NTT Finance Corporation
Collaborate in the Aircraft Engine Leasing Business

Development Bank of Japan Inc. (President & CEO: Toru Hashimoto; hereinafter " DBJ ") and NTT Finance Corporation; a core financial company of the NTT Group which offers financial and settlement services, (President: Koichi Maeda; hereinafter " NTT Finance ") agreed to collaborate in the aircraft engine leasing business. NTT Finance will acquire a certain share of V Lease Ltd.; an aircraft engine leasing company established and 100% owned by DBJ.

For nearly 30 years, DBJ has supported Japanese manufacturers in developing aircrafts and aircraft engines, and has contributed to their competitiveness in the global aviation industry.
In 2011, DBJ established V Lease Ltd. in order to provide aircraft engine leasing services to an international joint venture. V Lease Ltd. has contributed not only to improving the balance sheet of the company, but also to enhancing the presence of the Japanese companies within the joint venture.

NTT Finance evaluates aircrafts as a highly liquid and valuable asset in the global market, and expects that the industry will grow in the long term. It established a business division dedicated to aircraft leasing and finance and has so far been involved in various initiatives.

In addition to their existing relationships such as in the aircraft leasing business, DBJ and NTT Finance look forward to their new collaboration in the aircraft engine leasing. Through this collaboration, DBJ and NTT Finance seek to leverage their respective strength and contribute to the further development of the aircraft engine industry.

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