April 1, 2019
NTT Finance Corporation
NTT Finance Announces Name Change of U.S. Subsidiary

As of April 1 (Mon.), 2019, NTT Finance Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshikiyo Sakai) has changed the name of its fully-owned U.S. subsidiary (formerly NTT Leasing (U.S.A.), Inc.) to NTT Finance Americas Inc.

1. Reason for change
NTT Finance established its fully-owned U.S. subsidiary NTT Leasing (U.S.A.), Inc. in New York on November 1, 2015. Since then, the company has gradually expanded the scale of its operations from solely leasing services to include a variety of other financial services. These include loans, factoring, and procurement of foreign currencies.
NTT Finance is the core financial company of the NTT Group, and the new name of its fully-owned U.S. subsidiary is befitting of a company that will spearhead its overseas operations. The name change also aims to clarify the company’s scope of operations, which cover the entire Americas region.
2. New company name
NTT Finance Americas Inc.
3. Date of change
April 1 (Mon.), 2019
Profile of U.S. subsidiary
(1) Company name: NTT Finance Americas Inc.
(2) Address: 757 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017
(3) Representative: Hiromitsu Ikeda
(4) Capital: US$17,050,000
(5) Shareholder ratio: Fully-owned by NTT Finance
(6) Business office opening date: November 1, 2015 (Company established: July 20, 1989)

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