Web Billing User Guide

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Table contents of Web Billing User Guide

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Item Description
Initial login(1.83MB/14page)
  1. Application consideration
  2. Get started
  3. Initial login
  4. Change of Initial login ID and login password
  5. Registration for email address to reissue a login password
Reference of billing information(2.04MB/12page)
  1. Web Billing Top screen
  2. Billing information
  3. Email registration to receive notification for billing amount
  4. Downloading / Printing billing data
Payment methods for charges(834KB/8page)
  1. Screen of payments
  2. Payments by credit card
  3. Payments with "Pay-easy"
  4. Payments with "Pay-easy" at ATM
Change of membership information(1.95MB/17page)
  1. Reference / Change of membership informatoin
  2. Change of contact number
  3. Add / Cancel a line for reference
  4. Change of login ID / Login password
  5. Registration / change or email address to reissue a login password (Registration / change of secret questions and answers for secret questions)
  6. Settings by secret questions
  7. Chancel of Web Billing
To reissue a login password(663KB/5page)
  1. To reissue a login password
Proof of payments / proof of charges(746KB/4page)
  1. To download proof of payments / proof of charges
Login by ‘d account‘(413KB/3page)
  1. To login by "d account"
Cover page / contents(291KB/2page)
  • Cover page Table of contents
Smart phone(7.34MB/31page)
  1. Initial login
  2. Web Billing Top screen
  3. Reference of billing information
  4. Email registration to receive notification for billing amount
  5. Registration / change of email address to reissue a login password
  6. To reissue a login password

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