International Financing

Financing in China

We offer leasing of equipment and facilities to your affiliates in China by working with our local affiliate leasing company, Cosmos Posts and Telecommunications International Leasing Co., Ltd. Transactions occur in the local currency, so there are no exchange rate risks involved.


Scheme of Financing in China

In addition, lease (installation) for overseas use is also available.

International Financing
Cosmos Posts and Telecommunications International Leasing Co., Ltd.

This Japanese-Chinese joint venture company was formed in 1996, after a long term friendly relationship between NTT and the former Ministry of Post & Telecommunications (now the Ministry of Information Industry). As one of the few leasing companies in China with a Japanese backer, we are here to help Japanese businesses grow their facilities in China with funds provisioning.

Company Profile

Establishment December 1996
Location Beijing, China
Capital USD $10 million

In Japan: NTT FINANCE, Mizuho Corporate Bank, NTT Communications

In China: China Network Communications Group Corporation, The China State Post Bureau, China National Postal & Telecommunication Appliances Corp.

Business description Leasing associated with various production facilities, information and telecommunication facilities, medical facilities, scientific research facilities, testing and measuring facilities, machining tools, transportation equipment and associated technologies in China
Duration Fifteen years

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