Venture Capital

  • NTT FINANCE is the only venture-capital entity in the NTT Group involved in net investment in Japanese and overseas venture companies.
  • Leveraging the advantages we have as a member of the NTT Group, we at NTT FINANCE focus our investments on start-ups in IT-related fields. By playing to our strengths in that way, we aim to increase the success rate and provide support to the companies we invest in such as by offering our own range of financial services as well as introductions to other NTT Group companies.
  • We at NTT FINANCE have established a network of Japanese and overseas venture capital and financial institutions with the aim of cooperating to provide full support to investee companies.

Venture Capital Buisiness Overview

Established 1997
Industries invested in
  1. Enterprise IT
    Network (e.g., telecom equipment, semiconductors), software (e.g., OS, middleware, applications) and services, etc.
  2. Consumer Internet
    Services, content, and e-commerce, etc.
Investment stage
  1. Enterprise IT
    From expansion stages to late stages
  2. Consumer Internet
    From early stages to late stages
Investment regions Overseas (mainly North America) and domestic
Size of investment Between 10 million yen and 500 million yen
Investment funds Proper investment


Invested Companies Druva Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Druva Technologies Pte. Ltd. logo

Druva's award-winning solutions offer a single dashboard for backup, availability and governance, dramatically reducing the effort to manage multiple systems, eliminating associated risks and significantly lowering TCO.

Page will open in a new window.Druva Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Phizzle, Inc.

Phizzle, Inc. logo

Mobilizes "Fan Centric" original CRM technology to supply integrated marketing services targeting sports fans.

Page will open in a new window.Phizzle, Inc.

WOVN Technologies, Inc.

WOVN Technologies, Inc. logo

Make your websites and apps multilingual through our tailored solutions to assess, translate and provide optimal support for your business.

Page will open in a new window.WOVN Technologies, Inc.

Otobank Inc.

Otobank Inc. logo

Engaged in production, distribution and solution business for audio books and other voice content.

Page will open in a new window.Otobank Inc.

Companies Exit Investment CollabNet, Inc.

CollabNet, Inc. logo

Development and sales of CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) collaboration development environment for use in software development.
[Acquired by Vector Capital of the U.S. in January 2014]

DocuSign, Inc.

DocuSign, Inc. logo

Supplier of cloud-based Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform.
[Listed on NASDAQ in April 2018]

One True Media

One True Media logo

Online supplier of high-function, simple GUI video editing and distribution solutions, development of "One True Media" individual-oriented brand and "Spot Mixer" business-oriented online video advertising production service brand.
[Acquired by The Walt Disney Company of the U.S. in June 2012]

SilkRoad, Inc.

SilkRoad, Inc. logo

Global supplier of cloud-format human resource management systems for hiring, tentatively accepted employees, performance, employee training and other management needs.
[Acquired by HighBar Partners of the U.S. in September 2021]

ImageMagic Co., Ltd.

ImageMagic Co. logo

Development of systems and supply of tools for use in drop shipping of original design goods; operator of "UPSOLD" design stores.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in March 2022]

GaiaX Co. Ltd.

GaiaX Co. Ltd. logo

Supplier of services ranging from agent support in creation and operation of blogs, SNS and other social media to monitoring of submissions and supply of "social listening."
[Listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange in July 2005]

Page will open in a new window.GaiaX Co. Ltd.

Shanon, Inc.

Shanon, Inc. logo

SaaS format supplier of administrative management systems for exhibitions ranging from medium in scale to the largest in Asia, company private shows, year-long seminars and other gatherings.
-Unique in the supply of specialized services for conferences and seminars, distinguished by industry leading performance and versatile functions.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in Janury 2017]

GMO Internet, Inc.

GMO Internet, Inc. logo

Active in "Internet provider business" with key focus on access, server rental and domain registration services, developer of "Internet advertising media business" centered on e-mail advertising distribution services utilizing the Internet.
[Listed on JASDAQ in August 1999; Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2004; First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in June 2005]

Page will open in a new window.GMO Internet, Inc.

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. logo

Supplier of approval processing and supplementary services for operators engaged in non-face-to-face credit card account settlements.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in April 2005; First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 2008]

Page will open in a new window.GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.


JBtoB CO., LTD. logo

Creator of "customer attributed equipped POS data" databases designed for retail distributors and developer of business application software required for analysis, placing focus on advanced data warehouse technology.
[Acquired by the Backs Group in December 2009]

Page will open in a new window.JBtoB CO., LTD.

Data Stadium Inc.

Data Stadium Inc. logo

Active in data analysis business targeting professional sports teams, distribution of sports data to portal sites, cellphones, TV, magazines, newspapers and other media.
[Acquired by Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. in May 2009]

Page will open in a new window.Data Stadium Inc.

FFRI, Inc.

FFRI, Inc. logo

Development and sales of malware countermeasure software using sophisticated in-house malware analysis technology.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in September 2014]

Page will open in a new window.FFRI, Inc.

Invested Companies DreamArts Corporation

DreamArts Corporation logo

Supplier of new Internet-based systems, consulting, content, marketing projects and other IT solutions, based on fusion of the latest Internet technologies, content, and marketing.

Page will open in a new window.DreamArts Corporation

Companies Exit Investment Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc.

Blue Pumkin Software, Inc. logo

Automation of telephone operator schedule management, development of call center application high-function version workforce management software for dramatic streamlining of call center operations.
[Acquired by Witness Systems of the U.S. in January 2005; acquired by Verint Systems of the U.S. in May 2007]

Envivio, Inc.

Envivio, Inc. logo

Development and supply of numerous types of visual distribution systems based on video distribution technologies MPEG4* and H.264.
*MPEG4: Technology for compressing audio and video and control data for the same - one of the MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) international standards.
[Listed on NASDAQ in April 2012; acquired by Ericsson in October 2015]


HENGE K.K., Inc. logo

Comprehensive development and sales of corporate cloud security field products, based on Linux and other "server side technology."
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in October 2019]

Encourage Technologies Co., Ltd.

Encourage Technologies Co., Ltd. logo

Development and sales of software for management of system and human risks in IT system management control.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in December 2013]

Page will open in a new window.Encourage Technologies Co., Ltd.

Morpho, Inc

Morpho, Inc logo

Development and sales of mobile terminal use digital image processing embedded software.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in July 2011]

Page will open in a new window.Morpho, Inc

Communications Equipment
Invested Companies Chelsio Communications, Inc.

Chelsio Communications, Inc. logo

Development of 10 Gb Ethernet chips and adaptors for exclusive use in data centers.
-Use of the company's adaptor products facilitates integration of LAN, SAN, NAS (network attached storage), HPC (high-performance computing) and other networks.

Page will open in a new window.Chelsio Communications, Inc.

Companies Exit Investment Cobalt Networks, Inc.

Cobalt Networks, Inc. logo

Development of Internet appliance servers.
-Supplier of servers equipped with software necessary for Internet and intranet operation, with the chief characteristics of the products including micro-size, high performance, easy installation and low price.
[Listed on NASDAQ in November 1999; acquired by Sun Microsystems of the U.S. in November 2001]

Giganet, Inc.

Giganet, Inc. logo

Supplier of data center networking solutions.
-Basing networks on Virtual Architecture (VI), able to symbiotically integrate multiple numbers of servers without lowering server processing capacity, striving to supply high levels of performance, reliability and availability.
[Acquired by Emulex of the U.S. in January 2001]

Ironport Systems, Inc.

Ironport Systems, Inc. logo

Supplier of e-mail messaging gateway products and related services.
[Acquired by Cisco Systems of the U.S. in June 2007]

LGC Wireless, Inc.

LGC Wireless, Inc. logo

Leading provider of in-building antenna solution systems for the cellphone market.
[Acquired by ADC Telecom of the U.S. in October 2007]

Meru Networks, Inc.

Meru Networks, Inc. logo

Development and sales of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless infrastructure solutions.
[Listed on NASDAQ in March 2010; acquired by Fortinet in July 2015]

nCircle Network Security, Inc.

nCircle Network Security, Inc. logo

Development and sales of corporate network vulnerability diagnosis and risk management systems.
[Acquired by Tripwire of the U.S. in March 2013]

Neo Accel, Inc.

Neo Accel, Inc. logo

Development and sales of products for SSL-VPN gateways (touted as potential alternative for existing VPN solutions), using original groundbreaking technology to realize high performance and throughput free of application use restrictions.
[Acquired by VMware of the U.S. in January 2011]



Development and sales of optical fingerprint recognition equipment.
-Optical sensors capable of identifying all types of bogus paper, film, rubber, silicon and gelatin fingerprints.
[Listed on KOSDAQ in November 2016]

Terilogy Co., Ltd.

Terilogy Co., Ltd. logo

Network integrator handling a wide range of products spanning hardware and software addressing both market and individual customer needs, focused on the four core solutions of enterprise LAN/WAN; broadband access; security; and network management.
[Listed on JASDAQ in December 2004]

Page will open in a new window.Terilogy Co., Ltd.

Plat' Home

Plat' Home logo

Development, manufacture and sales of private brand computers, computer-related products and peripheral equipment for Linux, FreeBSD and other open-source operating systems, as well as for UNIX, BeOS, Windows and other OSs.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in July 2000]

Page will open in a new window.Plat' Home

Invested Companies Picarro, Inc.

Picarro, Inc. logo

Development, manufacture, sales and supply of managed services for stable isotope comparison analysis hypersensitivity gas and isotope measurement equipment used in analyzing density of greenhouse gases and other types of gas, identifying food growing districts and other applications.

Page will open in a new window.Picarro, Inc.

Rosnes Corporation

Rosnes Corporation logo

Besides module development business for supply of high-performance/high-resolution image sensor camera modules, also active in embedded software, image signal processing and entrusted development businesses.

Page will open in a new window.Rosnes Corporation

Phi Microtech, Inc

Phi Microtech, Inc logo

Fabless manufacturer active in development, production and sales of high-frequency analog IC and other components for use in optical and wireless communications.
-Noted for high technological competence achieved on strength of alliance launched by former members of NTT Research Laboratories and the NTT Group involved in development of LSI for use in NTT optical communications networks and former personnel from telecommunication and consumer equipment manufacturers.

Page will open in a new window.Phi Microtech, Inc

Companies Exit Investment Berkeley Design Automation, Inc.

Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. logo

Supplier of electronic design automation (EDA) software engineered to maintain precision while achieving major reductions in simulation time in Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (SPICE) - simulation applied in semiconductor analog circuit and mixed IC circuit design operations.
[Acquired by Mentor Graphics of the U.S. in March 2014]

Cavium Networks, Inc.

Cavium Networks, Inc. logo

Development and sales of OCTEON communications use multicore processor series and NITROX security processor series.
[Listed on NASDAQ in May 2007 / Acquired by Marvell Technogy of the U.S. in July 2018]

Dibcom, S.A.

Dibcom, S.A. logo

Development and sales of tuner chips for use in mobile digital television (DTV).
[Acquired by Parrot of France in September 2011]

eSilicon Corporation

eSilicon Corporation logo

Semiconductor manufacturer engaged in design and production of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) through horizontal specialization (on a totally fabless basis).
[Acquired by Imphi of the U.S. in November 2019]

Quantenna Communications, Inc.

Quantenna Communications, Inc. logo

Developer of high-end next-generation Wi-Fi chips.
[Acquired by ON Semiconductor of the U.S. in March 2019]

Sidense Corporation

Sidense Corporation logo

Development and sales of embedded-type nonvolatile memory intellectual property (IP).
-Use of the company's technology facilitates integration of non-volatile memory (NVM) functions into complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) system on chip (SoC) units without additional masks.
[Acquired by Synopsys of the U.S. in October 2017]

Sandburst Corp.

Sandburst Corp. logo

Development and sales of "HIBEAM" large-scale switch use chip sets.
[Acquired by Broadcom of the U.S. in March 2006]

Tilera Corporation

Tilera Corporation logo

Fabless semiconductor manufacturer active in development of high-performance/low-power-consumption multicore processors.
-Company's processors mounted on infrastructure equipment demanding high-speed processing and low power consumption for use in corporate networks, cloud computing, multimedia, wireless base stations and other applications.
[Acquired by EZchip Semiconductors of Israel in July 2014]

Acrorad Co. Ltd.

Acrorad Co. Ltd. logo

Possesses the world's only technology for mass production of cadmium telluride (CdTe) compound semiconductors.
[Acquired by Siemens of Germany in January 2011]

Page will open in a new window.Acrorad Co. Ltd.

Oxide Corporation

Oxide Corporation logo

Manufacture and development of oxide optical single crystal devices with unprecedented high properties, and modules for those devices.
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Market Index for High Growth and Emerging Stocks) in April 2021]

KST World Corp.

KST World Corp. logo

Supplier of silicon wafer deposition processing services - extensive lineup of processing services focused on thermal oxidation thin and thick film formation processing.
[Acquired by SEIREN of Japan in February 2019]